On a rainy day, the entrance way of every store and office building becomes a danger zone for customers and staff.

Every tile floor that’s just been mopped, every kitchen in every restaurant or school cafeteria, every bathtub and pool area in every hotel, every washroom floor with a few drops of water. All of these places and more are legal battlefields. Every commercial property and public building, private dwellings and bath areas are faced with potential liability. The average liability payout for a slip and fall accident is $30,000. 

Slip Not NY was started for this reason. IT gives every business and home owner the best defense against slippery floors and bathtubs.

We specialize in a highly effective NON SLIP treatment process for floors, bathtubs, shower stalls, pool areas and more. This process will raise the level of traction 200-400% in a wet condition, thereby decreasing the chance of a slip and fall accident. It is not a film or a coating, will not change the appearance of any tile or bathtub, is warrantied and is affordable.

“As a former medical massage therapist, I treated so many injuries caused from slip and fall accidents. Broken hips, torn tendons and ligaments, shoulder back and neck injuries. Slip Not NY puts me in a position to help put an end to these types of injuries.”

– Annette Morreale, Founder

Slip Not NY is also working with insurance companies to help lower your rates if you install our products in your home or business. Make sure to ask about how you can save money on your liability and home owners insurance.

Slip Not NY provides free demonstrations available upon request.  Contact us to learn more. 

Slip Not NY is certfiied and insured.