Slip Not NY is the perfect solution to protect your customers, patrons, employees, and your business. 

Slip Not NY will give your business the best defense against a slip and fall accident. We create an invisible non-slip surface on any existing floor or bathtub. It is not a film or a coating and will not change the appearance of any bathtub or floor. It will not chip or peel. The application is done by certified expert installers. It is warrantied and affordable.

FACT: Unsafe floor surfaces cause an estimated 2 million falls annually. The average liability payout for a slip and fall accident is $30,000

Slip Not NY can be found in many places such as:                                                                          
​Residential tubs and tile floors
​Aquatic Centers
​Assisted Living Centers
​Office Buildings
​Locker Rooms
​Catering Halls
​Gyms/Fitness Centers
​Pool Areas



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