Slip and Fall Statistics

Statistics on the number of slip and fall injuries that occur each year shows that it is a serious health problem.

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) reports that 2.3 million emergency room visits annually due to falls, 662,000 result in a hospital admission. 

Slip Not NY is a simple solution to avoid slip and fall accidents.  Remember, it is not a film or coating, will not change the appearance of any existing floor or tub, increases traction 200-400%, is warrantied and affordable. 

Aging With Dignity



Among older adults (65+), slips and falls are the leading cause of both fatal and nonfatal injuries.  What’s the solution?


The fact is, we are living longer.  Today, the oldest baby boomers are already in their 60s. By 2030, about one in five Americans will be older than 65.

Overall, studies show that despite the fact that baby boomers live longer than their predecessors 10 years ago, they are not at their healthiest.

One of the main concerns for any 50+ individual, which includes many baby boomers, is a slip and fall accident.  Many of these occur right at home and can result in permanent disabilities.  Many are also fatal. How many times has the story been written of a slip and fall in the bathtub which resulted in severe head trauma and ultimately death. We want to live longer but we also want quality of life.  Living independent is living healthier.

Although accidents can happen at any time, there are many ways to prevent a slip and fall accident, especially in the home.  Making a few adjustments can go a long way in helping the baby boomer generation live a long, healthier life.

Annette Morreale, owner of Slip Not NY (, works with people assisting them in making their homes safer.  Slip Not NY is an invisible non-slip application for bathtubs and existing floors, the most common surfaces where accidents can occur. A baby boomer herself, she offers some advice on how to prevent slip and fall injuries:

  1. Forget the bathmat inside the tub. It does nothing but breed germs and mold. Use other alternatives like a non-slip application, or stick ons which can be changed periodically.

  2. Install grab bars in key areas but be aware, sometimes they cause more injuries to shoulders, elbows and wrists.

  3. It is important to exercise. Work the core muscles which provide us with better balance.

  4. Wear proper shoes, even at home. Most sneakers offer a better support and grip.

  5. Improve lighting around the house.

  6. Be aware of the hazards of throw mats and loose carpeting. Use anti slip products to secure them to the floor

  7. Hire a company like Slip Not NY ( to come in and apply a non-slip application to existing bathtubs and floors. They increase the level of traction 200-400% in a wet condition. It is highly effective and inexpensive.

  8. Be cognizant of the medications you are on and the side effects (dizziness).

  9. Tie up loose cables and wires so that they are not exposed on the floor

  10. Check your eyesight and hearing yearly. An imbalance with either can cause an unstable gait.

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